October 4, 2015

Post-It Planning

I'm a super organized person and I'm always looking for the best way to organize my dayplans.  This year, I think I found it.  I used this method for part of the year last year, then decided to try an app on my iPad, only to realize that I really hated it.  I've gone back to my original idea.  

This is what my daybook looks like on any given day.  My subjects are all colour-coded and I have Post-It Notes for each subjects.  My day is divided into 50 minute blocks.  

I love this format because I can easily take a sticky note from one day and move it to the next day if something isn't finished.  When I do that, I write in what I did get done for future reference.  I've also been known to type and print on my sticky notes, especially when I have a lot of information to put in (I have large handwriting).

When we have special occasions, an assembly or a visitor, I use a shaped sticky note to put it on top of my day plans.  With this very visual way, I remember that our lesson will be interrupted.

Since my template has been requested a few times, I've added it to my Teachers Pay Teachers store as a forever freebie.  Grab yours now by clicking on the images below and get organized! 


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