April 20, 2015

DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover

Last summer, I spent a lot of time in my classroom, making it pretty for September.  One of my biggest projects was doing something with these old, gross looking filing cabinets.  For the first one, I sanded it down a little, then wiped it down with rubbing alcohol.  I spray painted it and applied vinyl appliques.  I also have those appliques on my cabinets.

For this second filing cabinet, I used trusty Mod Podged and glued on some scrapbooking paper.  So far, everything is holding up great.  This is where I keep everything that I sell in my Mathis Store!


  1. Oh wow...I didn't know youat could modge podge (not sure if I spelled that right) onto metal! I am definitely going to try that.

    Mind Sparks

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