July 23, 2014

Sweet Little Reminder

As I was cleaning out some paperwork the other day, I found this little gem.  I had asked students to write a cinquain poem on a subject of their choice.  Some popular subjects were pets, movies, sports, snowmobiling (it was winter, and we do live in Northern Ontario!).  Sweet little M. chose to do hers on me!  And I had no idea until I was marking them a few days later.

She's a very very quiet student, very strong in languages and math, doesn't ask for help very often.  The kind of student where you have to remind yourself to give them some attention, otherwise you forget they're even in the classroom.  With the kind of group I had last year, I found myself having to write notes to remember those students since the other kids were taking up so much of my time and energy.  I constantly felt guilty and felt I wasn't giving her as much as I could.  This cute little poem brought tears to my eyes and made me realize that my efforts were noticed.  That she was happy and comfortable in my classroom after all.  :')

How do you share your time between ALL your students?  How do you avoid the trap of giving all of your attention to behavioural students?

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