August 20, 2013

Back to School Deal on Educents!

I'm very excited to be teaming up with these amazing bloggers and Educents to provide you with this great back to school deal!

27 Back to School items for 4th and 5th grade range students!  

The items stretch across the curriculum including reading, writing, math, and even a little science and social studies.  Items are printables, activities, task cards, centers, rubrics, activity mats, literature studies, foldables, manipulatives, teaching aides and more.  

Here are my contributions the bundle!

Included in this bundle, you will find 15 rubrics for various genres of writing.

• Brochure design
• Descriptive paragraph
• Narrative writing
• Procedures
• Memoir
• Report
• Writing a speech
• Giving a speech
• Autobiography
• Friendly and formal letter
• Persuasive letter
• Fable 
• Fairy Tale
• Newspaper article
• Poetry

Rubrics are simple, clear and include descriptions for all 4 levels of accomplishment. There is also a space for comments and suggestions for improvements and a line for parent signature.

This is a great resource to teach your students about coat of arms and is perfect for your Medieval Times unit. It includes a handout that explains the purpose of a coat of arms. The assignment is laid out into 7 simple steps. Students will create a coat of arms using animals, symbols, colours and a motto that represent themselves or their family. A small image and meaning is included with each animal, symbol and colour. Students can choose from 2 different shield shapes. Finally, they will write a short paragraph to explain their choices. The coat of arms for Ontario is included in the handouts as an example, however, students may benefit from seeing a variety of examples that can easily be 
found on the Internet.

Included with this activity are student handouts, worksheets and a rubric for assessment.

And it does not end there.  You get all the following downloads that will stretch learning across the curriculum and throughout the year!  

It's only for a limited time and so you will want to head over and check out this and other amazing deals over at Educents!

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