July 7, 2013

Classroom Stationary

When I saw this Pinterest post a couple of years ago, I knew I had to try it!  This is the original pin:

Mrs. Johnson had an amazing idea!  I have seen a lot of teachers do this with their students as well and it always turns out great!  This was my version of it:

The kids were very intrigued when they found a sticky note on their desk after recess.  I had to specify to them that I only wanted a picture from their shoulders and up and that they had to use up most of the paper for their picture.  I wanted to make sure that we could see them well once photocopied.  I didn't have enough space on my 8.5"x11" paper and it took a lot of resizing and photocopying to eventually get this result.  The kids were thrilled with it and I loved using it as often as possible!

Next time I do this, I will do it in the first of week of school so that I can use it all year.  I will also test out different sizes of Post-it notes on the size of paper I want to use so that I can have more writing space.  

Some of my favourite self-portraits are of Draye (sooooo typical of him to make a funny face!), of Wyatt (who drew an angel and a devil...he's a very funny kid) and of Cameron (who absolutely hated any task that involved drawing! See how simple his picture is? LOL)

Have you tried this with your class?  I'd love to see what your students drew!


  1. Hey there!

    I found you through the TPT forum!

    I have also seen this idea but have not tried it yet. It looks like such a cute idea and I am sure the kids love it. I am curious though, what do you use this paper for? Notes home? Notes to students? Would love some ideas!

    Hanging Out in First!

  2. I love this idea too! What a special way for parents to feel connected to their child's classroom than to see their original artwork in the margins. I too found your blog via TPTs. Very cute! I am going to look back at your lapbooks...love that idea.
    Comprehension Connection

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments! I used the stationary to send notes to parents, such as reminders, or little Johnny forgot this or that...I also used them once or twice for incidents that happened between two students, to inform parents. I used them for notes between colleagues and I too! :D


  4. I have always wanted to do this, too! I tried once but it just wasn't very cute. I never thought about telling them shoulders up only...Now I can't wait for September! Thanks for sharing!!


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